Inexpensive Corporate Gifts Ideas

Inexpensive Corporate Gifts Ideas

Corporate gifts, also known as business gifts or promotional gifts are the gift items that best represent your company’s image and message, and these giveaways are best when it comes to promoting the name, brand, logo, message etc. for a long time. Corporate gifting is regarded as a crucial factor in the success of any corporate business in brand promotion. Your brand name will always be at the top of the minds of your prospective clients or customers when you offer personalized corporate gifts.

At Royal Top Trading, we have come up with a wide variety of Promotional Gifts in Dubai for every occasion like Christmas, New Year, Ramadan, Diwali, business anniversary, UAE National Day, Easter and more. We make every effort to make your item personalized to your preferred colour or shape with a variety of print options.

Corporate gifts can be given to your employees during any events or seasonal festivals, as well as an appreciation gift that makes them feel more valued and appreciated for cost-effectiveness and thinking.

Promotional pens, bags, hats, personalized clothing and cups are among the best and cheapest corporate gift ideas. Some of the inexpensive corporate gift ideas are listed below;

Although the world is digital, pens are still the #1 choice for many companies as a promotional item. Pens are a necessary writing tool both in the office and at home. A promotional pen that is branded with your company’s name can last and maintain long-term marketing for your brand, ultimately increasing your brand value. One of the most important things we have with us at all times is always visible and always in use.

Bags are an excellent way to promote your business or service. Promotional bags or corporate bags with brand logos can always be a good choice for durability and affordability. Recipients use them everywhere they go the brand gets visibility to a wider audience every time they use them. This will always encourage repetitive use and brand visibility every time they are transported with it.

A simple and useful gift item that always comes in handy. Your logo can be embroidered or printed on this custom-branded hat. Promotional hats are the perfect gift for your employees and associates to carry around for picnics or outdoor activities.

Customizing caps with your brand logo can be a fun and effective marketing strategy. Caps are walking adverts to promote any brand, and this is a pocket way as well.

Enhancing the brand identity can be achieved through the use of promotional clothing, which is one of the most effective advertising tools. It is an all-time promo favourite for many businesses because it turns employees into walking advertisements. It is one of the most exposed items when worn and increases brand visibility when branded with your logo We provide many different styles of items of clothing that can create a high brand recall value. 

Promotional mugs are a cost-effective way to make a great impression on your targeted audience. Customized cups are a great way to promote your brand and help your clients and customers enjoy the perfect cup of tea or coffee. Every sip your consumer takes helps spread brand awareness and promotes your brand. Royal Top Trading offers customized, stylish mugs to promote your brand.

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USB drives are practical gifts for employees or clients who often deal with digital files. Look for affordable options and consider customizing them with the company logo or the recipient’s name.

  • Personalized Calendars

Create custom calendars featuring your company’s branding or inspiring quotes. Include important dates or events that are relevant to your industry. Calendars are practical and can be used throughout the year.

Personalized notebooks are practical and can be a great gift for employees or clients. Look for affordable options and add a touch of personalization by adding the recipient’s name or the company logo on the cover.


Inexpensive corporate gifting doesn’t have to compromise on thoughtfulness or impact. These budget-friendly ideas can help you show gratitude to your employees, clients, or business partners without straining your finances.

Every business owner going behind any marketing solution for their brand recognition will surely find this dignified company gift service. This will not only generate goodwill among customers and employees, but it will also contribute to increasing brand awareness. In this competitive world of corporate branding and marketing, promotional gifts are the best and easiest way to enhance brand identity.

Personalized corporate gifts with the most recent and functional promotional ideas can ensure maximum brand exposure for any event or campaign. It’s crucial to balance profitability and reflection when it comes to inexpensive corporate gift ideas.

When it comes to corporate gifts in Dubai, Royal Top Trading is your trusted partner.

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