Greet Your Employees with Exclusive Corporate Gift Ideas On this Ramadan

ramdan gift ideas

Greet Your Employees with Exclusive Corporate Gift Ideas On this Ramadan

In Islamic culture, Ramadan is considered the holiest month of the year. In this sacred month, Muslims fast during daylight hours for the whole month. They believe that it is a time for spiritual expression and growth by reciting Quran and doing good deeds. At the end of the holy month, they celebrate Eid by enjoying a delicious traditional feast and giving gifts to friends and family.

As gift-giving is one of the significant customs of this occasion, corporate gifts in Dubai in Ramadan have become very popular. For organizations, Ramadan is the best occasion to strengthen the bond with their business associates and employees by giving unique gifts. Here is the list of some exclusive gift ideas for Ramadan:

Dry-Fruit Baskets

Almonds, walnuts, raisins, and dates are a healthy and appropriate gift option for your co-workers and associates on the holy month of Ramadan. It will boost the morale of your employees and would prove to be a thoughtful gift.

Chocolate Bouquets

Chocolates are always appreciated during any festivals to retain the trust and respect of your valued employees and customers. Gift them premium quality chocolates on the auspicious occasion of Ramadan.

Apparel and Accessories

On this Ramadan, make your employees and corporate associates happy by gifting apparel, travel bags, sunglasses, caps, and many such corporate gift items. They will love to enjoy outdoor activities and recreations after fasting for the whole month.

Lunch ware and Drink ware

Royal Top Trading offers a variety of gift options to choose from the attractive lunch-boxes to stylish drink-ware. Flasks, Mugs, teacups, and many such items can be customized and personalized to make great gifts for Ramadan.


Your employees and clients would be delighted to receive tech-related corporate gifts. You can gift Earphones, USB devices, or Power banks, and can choose from many more gadgets on the occasion of Ramadan to show your appreciation towards them.

Office Tools

Nothing can be a better Ramadan gift than customized office stationery for your hard-working employees. You can personalize it to make your workforce happier.

Royal Top Trading offers many more corporate gifting ideas on the auspicious occasion of Ramadan. We provide premium quality products and prompt service. For further details visit our store or website.


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