Sports and Recreation

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Soccer ball in PVC material. Fits official size 5. Size dia 21.5 cm
Waterproof smartphone pouch made in PVC with polyester string. Safety buckle and stopper. The pouch has a thinner surface that allows the operation of the touch screen from the outside. Size 16x11.5 cm
High Park
Picnic backpack for 4 people including blanket bottle holder and quality table accessories. Bag in 600D polyester. Size 27x22x40 cm
Inflatable beach ball with coloured stripes. Size dia 23.5 cm
Folding binoculars. Amplification 2.5. Size 9.5x6.5x3.8 cm
100% cotton beach towel. Size 140x70 cm
Fitness towel in mesh pouch. 80% polyester and 20% nylon. Size 31x31 cm
Barbecue. Knock down packing Size dia 30x40 cm
Digital sports watch with date, daily alarm, hourly chime, pulse and calorie counter. Size 25.5x4.5x1.6 cm.
600D polyester Cooler bag with PEVA lining, with 1 side pocket. Size 31x23x35 cm
Pedometer with clip and ABS casing. 1 cell battery included. Size 6.5x4.4x2.1 cm
Beach ball in transparent PVC. Size dia 28 cm
Bright coloured folding seat mat. 210D nylon with PE foam. Size 34.5x26x1 cm
500ml. Fodable water bottle in football shape in BPA free plastic with carabiner. Size dia 15.5x21.4 cm
Aluminium suitcase includes 5 indispensable stainless steel BBO tools. Plate for logo imprint. Size 47x16x8 cm
Flame light
Camping light in ABS with 1 white LED light and adjustable brightness dial. 3 AA batteries not included. Size 16x9.7x9.7 cm
Pedometer with FM auto scan radio. Indicating number of steps, miles or kms, and calories. 2 cell batteries included. Size 6x4.7x2.4 cm
Set of 3 garden tools: 1 trowel. 1 fork and 1 pruner. Supplied in a bag made of 600D polyester with belt strap. Size 20x14x6 cm
8GB or 16 GB Micro SD card including SD adapter in PP clear case. Designed to meet the High Capacity. High Definition Audio and Video requirement for the latest Digital devices. Speed CIO R/W15/10M. 10MB per second. Size 4.2x5.2x0.8 cm
Aluminium suitcase includes 12 piece stainless steel barbecue tools. Size 42x19x7.5 cm
8 x 21 binoculars with nylon travel case. Size 10x9x3 cm
Pedometer with LCD display and back clip. Miles, kilometres and calories counter. 1 cell battery included Size 5x4.3x2.4 cm
Operated fan. 2 AAA batteries not included. Size 10x3.2x2.8 cm
Convenient foldable cooler bag. 210T polyester with aluminium foil inside. Size 41x14x44 cm
Inflatable beach ball with globe design. Size dia 26 cm
Inflatable beach ball with transparent and solid panels. Size dia 24 cm
sports bracelet made of silicone which you can track your steps, calories burned, your sports kilometres per day, your sleep and has a pedometer function. It has 7 days memory. It works with an app either IOS or Android. Size 22x18x1.2 cm
Individual water spray in ABS casing. Size dia 4.2x21.5 cm.
Pedometer with clip in ABS casing. With step, distance (miles and kilometres) and calorie counter, 1 cell battery included. Size 4x5x2.1 cm
Beach set in satin polyester includes a beach bag. foldable straw beach mat. racket game and a set of slippers in matching colours. Size 29.5x13.5x29.5 cm
Beach tennis set consisting of 2 MDF rackets and 1 soft ball. Size 37.5x23x0.6 cm
Fodable water bottle in T-shirt shape with carabiner. Capacity 480ml. Size 16.5x25 cm.
ABS bottle opener with football printing on top. with magnet on the back. Size 9 5x5x0.5 cm
Smash It
Fly swat made of PE. Size 38.5x12.5x0.7 cm
Cooler bag made with 210D polyester with nonwoven contrasting colour handles. Size 29x12x21 cm
2 in 1 fat analyser and pedometer with calorie, step and distance counter as well as body fat meter. 1 cell battery included. Size 9x5x1 cm
Big Cubacool
Aluminium foil cooler bag for 61,51 bottles in 210 polyester. With non woven white trimmings. 80gr/m sq. Size 26x17x32 cm
Beach chair with head rest in nautical style. The mesh part improves comfort and drying time. Metal frame and 600D polyester. Pouch included. Size 66.5x53.5x53.5 cm
Inflatable ball in transparent PVC with light inside. Activates via movement. Size dia 28 cm
Bicycle lock made of PVC Phthalate free with 2 keys to lock. Size dia 1.2x65 cm
Set of 5 garden tools in box. Includes harrow. 2 trowels. 15m. wire and pruning scissors. Size 25x21.5x5 cm
Small water resistant bag in PVC. 1.5 L. Size 17.5x32.5 cm
Badminton set including 2 shuttlecocks and 2 badminton rackets. Comes with its own plastic carry bag with shoulder strap. Size 66x21x2.7 cm
iPhone waterproof pouch in PVC. The pouch has a thinner surface which allows the operation of the touch screen from the outside. Size 20.5x9x0.4 cm
Cooler bag 2I0D polyester with 2 compartments and with mesh pocket on the side. Size 25.5x17.5x24 cm
Adjustable armband in neoprene with transparent front with reflective detail. Suitable for all devices. Size 47x17x0.4 cm.
Cooler bag with front pocket. 600D polyester. Size 26x19x34 cm
Sport whistle in PS plastic with security necklace. Size 5x2.4x1.9 cm
Beach towel with bag. 100% cotton. The towel can be folded inside the cotton bag which can also be used as a duffle bag. 350gr/m sq. Size 145x60 cm
Carabiner hook with keyring and decorative compass. Size 6.5x3x1 cm
Sports towel presented in nylon pouch with adjustable closing. Towel: 70% polyester. 30% polyamide. Size 80x40 cm
Beach chair with neck pillow in 600D polyester clothing. Steel frame. Size 66.5x53.5x53.5 cm
600D polyester Cooler bag with front pockets and 1 zippered side pocket. Size 41x23x27 cm
Classic style nautical compass in aluminium. Packed in tin box. Size 10.5x8x2 cm
Complete picnic backpack with cooler compartment for 4 people. 600D polyester. Size 37x21.5x30 cm
Adjustable armband in EVA foam to carry your phone. The transparent surface in PVC enables to operate the phone from the outside. It incorporates a reflective frame to reinforce visibility outdoors. Size 12x14 cm
Manual hand fan. Size 23x43x2.7 cm
Pedometer which measures number of steps, calories and distance. 1 x AGIO cell battery included. Size 4.8x4.8x2.7 cm
Insulator can holder made of EVA foam. Size 12.5x10x0.4 cm.
Set of 7 garden tools. Harrow, 2 spades, gloves, watering can. wire with bag. Size 23x15 cm
Ball catch game including one suction ball and a pair of suction holders. Size dia 15x2 cm
Hello hand and sitting mat made of EVA. Size 40x30 cm
House shape garden thermometer with LCD display. 2 AAA batteries not included. Displays Maximum, minim and current temperature. Size 6.5x13x3.0 cm
BBO cooler bag. Metal BBO is inside the bag. Size dia 30x20 cm
Pizza cutter made of POM and handle made of PS with stainless steel bottle opener. Size dia 8x12.5x1.5 cm
Digital stopwatch with nylon necklace. 1 cell battery included. Size 8x5x2 cm
Digital jumping rope. Indicates number of jumps and calories burned. 1 cell battery included. Size 330x13.5x5.5 cm
Manual hand fan with semi-rigid frosted transparent surface. Size dia 16x25.5x0.5 cm
Repair it
8 piece bike repair set in ABS. Includes 2 tyre levers, 1 grater, 1 glue. 2 rubber tubes 33mm and 2 stickers 2.8 cm diameter. Size 12.5x3.4x2.6 cm
Saddle cover for bicycle made in polyester with elastic rubber trimming. Size 23x25x7 cm
Bicycle lock made of PVC Phthalate free with number lock system. Size dia 0.60x65 cm
Waterproof bag in PVC. Capacity I0L, with adjustable shoulder strap. Size dia 20.5x46.5 cm
Makalu stick
7x18 monocular in ABS and rubberized finish. Including pouch and cleaning cloth. Size 03x8 cm
Round blinking red LED light with back clip. 2 AG13 included. Size dia 5x1.8 cm
Horn with safety hanging cord. PP plastic Size dia 5.5x36.5 cm
Aluminium foil cooler bag for 6 cans. Outside in nonwoven with white trimmings. 80 gr/m sq. Size 19.5x14x14 cm
rate monitor watch in ABS with wireless transmitter belt, including average and maximum heart rate, stopwatch, target zone setting with alarm and data summary. 2 cell batteries included. Size 17x6x14 cm
Hammock in canvas. Supports a maximum of 120 kg with matching pouch. Size 194x81 cm
Tennis set including 2 tennis balls and 2 tennis rackets. Comes with its own plastic carry bag with shoulder strap. Size 56.5x24x2 cm
Skipping rope for kids. 2m length. Size 200x0.6 dia cm
5 LED bicycle lamp made of ABS with bike holder. 2 Different light modes. 4 AAA batteries not included. Size 3.6x10x6.5 cm
Bike repair kit. 15 piece multitool with 2 tyre levers, grater, glue and stickers including pouch with reflective trim. Size 12x9x4.5 cm.
Binoculars with 70D polyester pouch and neck strap. 4x30. Size 10x8x5.5 cm
Mini match
Small beach tennis set consisting of 2 MDF rackets and 1 soft ball. Size 32.5x18x0.5 cm
Check It
Digital barbecue thermometer. Operated by 1AG13 battery included. Size 17x3.7x1.3 cm
Air White
Inflatable PVC phthalate free beach mattress in solid white. Size 176x60x10 cm
Tic-Tac-Toe beach towel game set. 100% cotton. 300g/m sq. Size 143x71 cm
Complete picnic set tor 4 people. Stainless steel cutlery, cheese knife, bottle opener, PS plates, plastic wine glasses, cotton napkins, cutting board. Presented in bag with rattan imprint. Size 35x16x26 cm
Build your own wooden bird house. Made of MDF. Size 14x10.5x17 cm
Click It
Digital sports camera 720P high definition camera with 4 x digital zoom, 120 degree lens and integrated 2" touchscreen. The waterproof case, suction cup, bike and helmet mount allow you to capture all your extreme sports. 1.3M Pixel CMOS. Micro SD card (u
Aluminium foil cooler bag for 6 cans in 210 polyester. With non woven white trimmings. 80gr/m sq. Size 20x14x13 cm
Foldable beach towel with pillow to improve comfort whilst sunbathing. 350g/m sq cotton. Size 150x75 cm
Hand fan and 2 LED torch with hand strap. 4 AG3 batteries included. Size 14x4.2x3.2 cm
Donau East
BBQ apron with three different BBO tools and one glove. Apron in 600D polyester. Size 74x50x2 cm
Picnic set tor 2 people in 600D polyester case with easy carry handle. Includes 11 picnic accessories. Size 23.5x4x23 cm
fleece blanket with plastic coated PEVA reverse side. Size 150x120 cm
Frisbee 23 cm. Size dia 23x2 cm
Compass and whistle with cord including safety buckle. Size 6.5x4.5x11 cm
Waterproof smartphone pouch made in PVC with polyester cord. Safety buckle and stopper. The pouch has a thinner surface that allows the operation of the touch screen from the outside. Size 9.5x24 cm
Pick It
Litter picker stick with magnet on top for picking up metal items. Size 74.5x12.5x3.5 cm.
Beach mat in PP woven material. Can be easily rolled and carried. The logo can be printed on the colourful non-woven part. Size 180x60 cm
Frisbee with 8 half moon patterns. Size dia 23 cm
Cooler and shopping bag in 600D polyester. Has 1 compartment with insulator. Includes inner zippered pocket. Size 39x18x30 cm
Nonwoven stadium cushion with a pocket. Size 30x30 cm
Foldable polyester frisbee packed in a polyester pouch. Size dia 24x1 cm
Outdoor chair in 600D polyester clothing and iron frame. Nylon pouch included to store the chair. Size 85x85x50 cm
Adam light
Safety light with hanger. Includes 3 LED charging lights. Size 12x5.5x1 cm
Camping cooler set in 6000 polyester with PEVA lining. Includes 2 mugs. 2 plates. 2 knifes and forks and 2 napkins. Size 23.5x22x33 cm
Sun beach umbrella with pouch. 170T polyester. 36 inch. Size dia 154x190 cm
Hand clapper. PP material. Size 18.5x8.5x1.9 cm
Beach mat and bag. Has a pocket on the back. Top surface material is 420D polyester and backing in PVC. Includes shoulder strap with buckle. Adjustable back rest. Size 165x57 cm
3D sensor pedometer which can detect movements in any position, in ABS. It includes following functions: step counter, calorie counter. 10 steps error correction, daily walking target and 7 days memory, with silent counting action. Size 4x7.5x1.3 cm
Pedometer in ABS with belt clip. It includes 2 finger sensor to measure heart rate. It also features distance, steps, clock and calories burner. 2 cell batteries included. Size 7x3.5x2.5 cm
Cooler and shopping bag in 600D polyester with 1 main compartment and front pocket. Short handles. Size 34x15.5x28 cm
Light Pro
Bike head light made of ABS with 1 Watt LED. 2 AA battery not included. Moveable head torch for directional light beam. Size 7x5x6 cm.
One hamburger press maker in ABS. Sizedia 10.5x6 cm
Bicycle bell made of aluminium and ABS. Size dia 5.5x5 cm.
Picnic banket with soft coral fleece 180 gsm and PEVA on the reverse side. Size 130x170 cm.
190T polyester drawstring insulated cooler bag in drawstring. Size 32.5x39.5 cm
8x21 binoculars in ABS and rubberized finish. Including pouch and cleaning cloth. Size 10x3.5x7.5 cm
Inflatable cheering sticks. 1 straw included to inflate the item. PE. Size 60x10.5 cm
PVC beach pillow in rectangular shape. Size 30.5x20.5x7 cm
Set of 3 stainless steel barbecue tools in nonwoven pouch with zipper. Size 40x11 cm
Set of 4 garden tools: 1 fork. 1 trowel. 1 rake and pair of gloves. Supplied with an apron made of 600D polyester. Size 27x13x10 cm
5 pieces fitness set in pouch made of PVC phthalate free with cushioned handles. Includes jump rope, resistance tube, expander and 2 handgrips. Size 22x12x13 cm
Carabiner keyring with decorative compass and strong nylon strap with aluminium plate. Size 14x3.2x0.6 cm
Body paint flag stick presented in silver case and transparent in the middle. Size 7x3.8x1.9 cm
Aluminium suitcase includes 3 stainless steel BBO tools. Plate for logo imprint. Size 37x10x8 cm
Set of 2 red and white additional lights for bicycle and outdoor use. Delivered in frosty white PP box. 2 button cells included. Size 9x4x2 cm