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Wooden decorative plate with a vanilla fragranced candle. Set the perfect mood at home with some candles. This scented candle comes in a vanilla smell. The wooden plate will give a stylish and natural look to...

sustainable pens

Leave an Eco-Friendly Mark: Sustainable Promotional Pens

Promote your Business and Planet with Eco-friendly Pens Promotional pens are a classic marketing tool, but with growing environmental awareness, businesses are seeking eco-friendly options. Royal Top Trading has an exclusive collection of sustainable promotional pens...

promotional pens and usb

USB Drives and Pens as Promotional Gifts

Why USB Drives and Pens Became Top Promotional Gifts in Dubai USB drives and PENS are popular promotional gifts, as they are practical and can be customized with company logos/branding. So They can make great customized...

stylus pen

Pen – Quim

Aluminium twist stylus ball pen with matt finish. Blue ink. Size dia 1x13.5 cm

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