Corporate Gifts for Trade Shows and Events

Corporate Gifts for Trade Shows and Events

Make Lasting Impressions: Corporate Gifts for Trade Shows & Events

Trade shows and events provide great opportunities for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brands to a larger audience. An effective way to leave a lasting impression on your clients, partners, and attendees is through thoughtful and well-chosen corporate gifts.

Royal Top Trading is your leading corporate gifts supplier in Dubai. We offer a variety of innovative gift items from clothing, Technology gadgets, travel accessories, and desk accessories, to Eco-friendly corporate gifts, under one roof, and that’s too at an affordable price.

Here are some ideas for Corporate Gift for trade shows;

Tote bags are practical and versatile corporate gifts that attendees can use to carry brochures, samples, and other items they collect during the event. You can add your company logo or branding to the tote bags by various methods, such as laser engravingscreen printing, full-colour digital printing, Button Printingand Pad Printing, we can incorporate your company logo, slogans, or any other design elements to create unique corporate gifts.

eco friendly tote bag

Tech accessories are always appreciated when they are gifted as corporate gifts. Consider gifting items such as phone stands, USB flash drives, or wireless chargers branded with your company logo. These gifts are not only functional/practical but also remind recipients of your brand every time they use them.

bluetooth speaker

Promoting sustainability and eco-consciousness to clients can make a positive impact on your company’s image. Consider eco-friendly corporate gifts like reusable water bottles, bamboo utensil sets, or recycled notebooks. These gifts showcase your commitment to the environment and resonate with attendees who are increasingly conscious of their ecological footprint.

wheat straw pen

Apparel items like t-shirts, caps, or hoodies are popular trade show giveaways. Make them stand out by incorporating unique designs or slogans related to your brand or the event. Attendees wearing your branded apparel can become walking billboards, generating additional exposure and brand recognition.

Thoughtful and practical, personalized notebooks and pens are always well-received. Add a touch of sophistication by incorporating high-quality materials, such as leather-bound notebooks or sleek metal pens. Engrave or emboss your company logo or the recipient’s name for a personalized touch.


  • Edible Treats:

Everyone loves a tasty treat! Consider gifting customized cookies, chocolates, or gourmet snacks with your company logo or event details. Edible gifts like these not only fulfil hunger but also establish a positive connection between your brand and a delightful experience.

  • Stress Relievers:

Trade shows and events can be overwhelming, so providing them with some stress-relieving items can be a thoughtful gesture. Consider products like stress balls, fidget spinners, or relaxation kits that incorporate your brand logo. These gifts help attendees develop and associate your brand with a sense of relaxation and relief.

stress balls

Royal Top Trading is your trusted partner for selecting corporate gifts in Dubai. We have been the top corporate gifts supplier in Dubai since 2003. With 20+ years of experience in corporate gifting, we can help you find the right corporate gifts for your business.

Contact us today at +971 50 588 4169 to discuss your corporate gifting needs and requirements so we can tailor a unique corporate gift. We accept orders in both small and bulk quantities.

Or visit our website to see our extensive selection of corporate gift items, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect item for your brand promotion. However, if you require any assistance, our team is always here to help.




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