Eco-friendly corporate gift ideas that are both affordable and eco-friendly for employees

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly corporate gift ideas that are both affordable and eco-friendly for employees

Gift your Employees Eco-friendly Items to Reduce Trash and Save the Planet

Establishing a vital relationship with employees is necessary to enhance a business by gifting them occasionally. But what if that gift helps you and your employees save the environment? Yes, we are talking about sustainable or Eco-friendly corporate gift items. By giving sustainable gifts to your employees, you help them reduce waste and live a climate-friendly lifestyle. That will represent the business that cares about the planet and helps you raise staff loyalty. Here are some Eco-friendly gift items that can help you boost your brand identity that’s too in your budget.

Wooden Pens

eco-friendly corporate gift

Instead of reaching for another plastic pen, think about gifting wooden pens to make your employees more environmentally responsible. Pens made of wood or bamboo fibres are functional corporate gift items with your logo engraved on the cover caps.

Eco-friendly Cup

corporate gift ideas- mug

Environmentally friendly cups made of PP and bamboo are ideal to take away. These amazing reusable cups will make your employees enjoy their morning beverages. They can carry them for picnics or camping as well. You can print your brand logo on the front of the cups for visibility.

Bamboo Mugs

If your goal this year is to give sustainable gifts, consider coffee or tea mugs made from natural bamboo fibre. That will make an ideal gift for your employees.

Cork Cover Sticky Note-Pads

sustainable corporate gifts

Delight your employees by gifting a sticky note-pad in a cork cover. You will get your brand logo printed on the notebook cover.

Cork Notebook

corporate promotional gift

Gift something trendy and natural- a notebook with a cork cover engraved with your brand logo. The pages of the notebook made of unbleached recycled paper make it a unique gift.

Bamboo Desk Clock

promotional gift

If you are searching for an elegant gift for your employees’ then a desk clock with a high-quality bamboo fibre casing will be a great choice. With your logo on the top, your employees will always remain updated with the time, date, and temperature displayed on the clock

Corporate Lunch Boxes

Gift your employees Eco-friendly lunch boxes made from bamboo, PP, and plant fibre. These handy lunch boxes come in single or two layers with two compartments. It also includes a spoon, fork, and knife.

Natural Straw Hats

Gift custom-branded straw hats to your employees to get the brand exposure you need. They can carry them for any pleasure trip and camping for sun protection. These hats made of woven wheat straws are the perfect gift for this season.


The Eco-friendly lanyards made of bamboo fibres are durable enough for any event. These lanyards come with a high-quality finish customized with your brand logo and are perfect for your branding. We will gladly make an effort to create your lanyards just as you like. You can have it printed all over and assembled with many extras. You can also choose between various key rings and snap hooks.

Bamboo Phone Holder

corporate gift

Eco-friendly and lightweight bamboo phone holders will allow your employees to be hands-free while working and make them continue to run other tasks. This unique promotional corporate gift will make them multi-tasking and enhance your company’s sales.

So, gifts made from Eco-friendly and recycled materials are more desirable and memorable than other gifts given by businesses to their employees. We at Royal Top Trading offer more Eco-friendly corporate gifts and promotional gifts suitable for your budget.

Royal Top Trading is your trusted source for eco-friendly corporate gifts in Dubai. We strive to make eco-conscious choices easier for businesses in Dubai. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, using recyclable or biodegradable materials wherever possible.

Contact Royal Top Trading today to explore our eco-friendly corporate gifts options and make a positive impact on the environment while promoting your brand. Together, let’s create a greener future.


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