5 must have Promotional Items for an outdoor work-out!

outdoor workout gifts

5 must have Promotional Items for an outdoor work-out!

5 Workout Gift Ideas for an Outdoor Workout

A healthy lifestyle refreshes both body and mind! Maintaining a healthy balance between work and home life is extremely important. Here are some of the Top 5 Outdoor Workout Gifts ideas for your fitness freak clients.

Recreational fun, leisure, and exercise activities are vital for a healthy life. This can include a gym or at-home workout, walking outside, or having a picnic.

It will benefit our overall health and help reduce unwanted stress and worries.

How about creating brand awareness for your business at the same time?

At Royal Top Trading, you can find a selection of items to help you relax, stay in shape and have fun. Say for example a Smart Health Bracelet. This smart health bracelet enables you to monitor your health by tracking how active you are in your day-to-day life.

This device includes a heart rate, blood pressure and temperature measurement for when you are exercising along with incoming push notification calls and social and a sedentary reminder.

Don’t miss out on the following must-have items for outdoor work –

  •  Arm Pouches

armpouch promotional gift








Mobile phones have become the most wanted thing in our daily lives, even during workouts. Thanks to the invention of Arm pouches! This helps us stay hands-free holding our mobile phone attached to our arms giving maximum exposure for the brand name when printed on it.

  •  Pedometers

promotional gift item








This portable electronic device counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of his hands or hips.

promotional caps for outdoor workout

Wearing a cap while you work out is your best protection from the Sun. Your brand will be on view whenever these cap items are worn or used and will easily get noticed.

promotional bottles

Staying hydrated is important during any physical activity. Promotional water bottles will ensure high visibility for your brand and keep your target audience hydrated during the day!

  • Cooling towels

outdoor workout gifts

These absorbent towels are sustainably produced according to OEKO-TEX and GOTS standards, ensuring an organic cotton crop, add an embroidered logo and you will have a long-lasting environmentally conscious gift in a wide range of colours.

These sporty items can used many times, including arm pouches, pedometers, caps, water bottles and cooling towels. These items are appreciated by the people using them but are also ideal products for sponsored and company events and activities. Get active and get your Brand noticed!

Try it out and challenge yourself with these workout items that help to stay healthy promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as your Brand! You can also combine these basic must-have items with chargers, and complementary wireless earphones so that all basic elements are in place to help you stay fit and enjoy your workout.

Visit Royal Top Trading for more such corporate gifts in Dubai.



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