Greet Your Employees with Exclusive Corporate Gift Ideas On this Ramadan

ramadan corporate gifts

Greet Your Employees with Exclusive Corporate Gift Ideas On this Ramadan

Celebrate Ramadan with Thoughtful Corporate Gifts from Royal Top Trading

In Islamic culture, Ramadan is considered the holiest month of the year. In this sacred month, Muslims fast during daylight hours for a whole month. At the end of the month, they celebrate Eid by enjoying a delicious traditional feast and giving gifts to friends and family.

Corporate gifting is popular during Ramadan since gift-giving is one of the significant customs. It is the best occasion to strengthen the bond with employees by gifting these unique corporate gifts. Royal Top Trading has launched an exclusive collection to surprise your employees or clients with Ramadan Corporate Gifts.

Here are some exclusive Ramadan corporate gift ideas;

  • Gourmet Dates & Dried Fruits

 Dates are symbolic during Ramadan, often enjoyed at Iftar (breaking fast) and Suhoor (pre-dawn meal). It can be enhanced by adding personalized luxury chocolates. Personalize these date boxes with a brand logo to reach a wider audience

ramadan gift box

  • Ramadan Hampers

Curate personalized gift baskets filled with Ramadan essentials like prayer beads, caps, and Qur’an bookmarks. Consider personalizing these hampers to make them more meaningful.

  • Wellness Gifts

Ramadan involves early mornings and late-night meals, potentially impacting sleep and energy levels. Curate wellness gifts that include scented candles, oil diffusers, bath products, herbal teas, or relaxation accessories to help employees unwind and care for themselves.

wellness corporate gifts

  • Tech & Entertainment Gifts

Consider gifts like Power banks, wireless earbuds, phone stands, or portable chargers. Ensure they’re practical and appropriate for the recipients’ age & interests.

  • Apparel and Accessories

On this Ramadan, make your employees and corporate associates happy by gifting apparel, travel bags, sunglasses, caps and many more. They would love to enjoy outdoor activities and recreation after fasting for a month.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Gift them Stylish drinkware and promote hydration during long fasting hours. Consider personalization with company logos or Ramadan greetings. All types of printing techniques are available at Royal Top Trading.

ramadan corporate gifts

  • Personalized Ramadan Corporate Gifts

Nothing can be a better Ramadan corporate gift than personalized stationery, Qur’an stands, engraved aroma diffusers, Islamic wall art with employee names or personalized prayer mats with engraving to add a special touch and show individual appreciation.

aroma diffuser

It’s also a good practice to include a personalized note expressing gratitude for employees’ hard work and dedication during Ramadan.

Royal Top Trading is a supplier of personalized corporate gifts in the UAE with an experience of 20+ years. Visit our Website/Catalogue to view our extensive corporate and promotional gift collections.

Contact us today at +971 505884169 or to help you find the right corporate gifts/promotional gifts for your organization.

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Celebrate Ramadan with Meaningful Corporate Gifts