Corporate Gift Ideas for New Hires

corporate gift ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas for New Hires

Royal Top Trading offers thoughtful and practical corporate gifts to welcome your new hires. These gifts not only make them happy but also make an impression about your company. They’ll appreciate your company’s values and also set a positive tone for their onboarding experience.

Here are some of the corporate gift ideas for new hires;

  • Branded Company Merchandise:

Consider giving new hires branded merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, or notebooks featuring logos or any kind of quotes related to your company. These items not only create a sense of belonging but also serve as promotional materials for your brand.

  • Welcome Kit:

Give them a welcome kit which includes essential items for the new hire. This could include a company-branded bag or backpack, pens, a coffee mug, and perhaps some company swag. You can also add a handwritten welcome from the CEO or team members which will make them comfortable from day 1 itself.

  • Practical Accessories:

Practical accessories like phone stands, wireless chargers, USB flash drives, or laptop sleeves can be useful gifts for new hires, especially in today’s digital work environment. Consider items that are compatible with common devices and incorporate your company branding.

  • Personalized Stationery:

Giving them High-quality personalized stationery, such as engraved pens or custom-designed notebooks, can make new hires feel valued and provide them with useful tools for their work. You can also consider adding their name or initials to give it a personalized touch.

  • Onboarding Resources:

Provide new hires with a curated collection of resources related to their role or industry. This could include relevant books, industry magazines, or online courses that can help them enhance their skills and knowledge.

Show that you care about your new hires’ well-being by gifting them some, wellness items like stress balls, essential oil diffusers, or fitness accessories. These items promote a healthy work-life balance and can contribute to a positive work environment.

Consider gifting desk accessories that can enhance their workspace. This could include a desk organizer, a stylish desk clock, a desk plant, or a personalized nameplate. These items can make their workspace more inviting and personalized.

  • Company Culture Items:

Consider gifting items that reflect the company’s culture, such as a company-branded puzzle, board game, or team-building exercise that aligns with the organization’s values.

Consider tech gadgets like wireless headphones, portable phone chargers, or Bluetooth speakers. These practical items are useful in both professional and personal settings.

  • Coffee or Tea Sets:

Offer them premium coffee or tea sets with a selection of some chocolate to help them improve stress management. It’s a thoughtful gift for those who enjoy a hot beverage during their workday. And by adding some personal touch, you can change into personalized corporate gifts.


Also, Remember to consider your new hires’ preferences as you don’t know about their tastes in these. Creating a customized corporate gift with their needs/ preferences will create a warm welcome feel even on the first day itself, and make them excited to be a part of your team.

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